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During your meeting with your coach it will be important for the two of you to establish a training schedule which fits into your current lifestyle.  When completing the form take into consideration the following:  Work, family and social commitments, travel and availability of resources such as a pool, track etc. Below you will see examples of a couple of training schedules.  Review them so you get a feel of what your coach is looking form.

In the section entitled “Your ideal work week”  Please enter the following codes in the section where you have availability to work out on those days.

  • S = Swim
  • B = Bike
  • R = Run
  • ST = Strength
  • W = Work
  • F = Family Time
  • DO = Need day or time off

Next to the code write in ( ) how much time you have to exercise during that time taking into account preparation time (Showering, dressing, eating). I.E.  Monday 5-8 am  S,B,R, ST (1.5) Tuesday 12-1 R (1:15)

If you have a non standard schedule leave this blank and discuss with your coach during your meeting. You still need to submit the blank form.  Write in the first box that you will discuss with your coach when you meet.

Fields marked with a * are required

Your ideal workout schedule: (If you are having issues you can work on this with your coach.)