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There are a plethora of coaches in the market, all offering a wide variety of services and prices. What should you consider when making a decision?

Training Plan

1. Are your Annual/Monthly/Weekly plans written for you or are you getting a computer generated program? What about the intangibles in the sport? Mental focus, nutrition, technique?

At MHM we take the time to have ongoing interaction with our athletes (not just during the initial discussions) to assess your current level of fitness. Plans are designed specifically with your key races in mind and changes are made based on your current level of fitness. We not only write effective training plans but are careful to adequately prepare our athletes for the nuances that make a difference in the sport.

2. Does your coach have time for you?

We pride ourselves on timely and effective communication with our athletes. Our commitment to you does not end when we deliver you a training plan. We deliver same day communication and in most cases within the same hour. Our training plans are always written one week in advance (further if that is what you require). With a client base of Business Owners, House Wives, Dr.’s, Dentist, Executives, Traveling Sales Representatives and others, we understand that schedules change. We willingly accommodate last minute changes to your training calendar. Read what our customers have to say about the services we provide.

Coach Time

Plan cost

3. Value for your money?

Let’s face it, in recent years the coaching industry has seen a dramatic increase of people with coaching certifications. In addition to our USAT coaching certifications, our coaches have extensive race experience from sprint distance to the Ironman World Championships. We have raced Mountain Bikes, Xterra, Marathons, Duathlons, Snow Shoe raced etc. In short, we back up our education with race experiences.  Our coaches are dedicated to the sport of triathlon and have been for years. This is not just a phase in our lives; we coach because we have passion for the sport. We have carefully selected a coaching staff with a wide knowledge base.

It’s that easy of a decision. Does your coach tailor a plan with you in mind? Are they willing to get to know you personally to find out what motivates you? Are you willing to invest in a coach that has years of race experience? Not all coaches are alike. What separates coaches are knowledge, race experiences, and the ability to effectively communicate with you. In return, are you willing to put your faith in the person you hire? If you hire a coach you will find the most benefit if you follow the plan that they design specifically for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Best wishes in your search for a coach that meets your personal needs and philosophies.  Contact Us.